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Level 1 (beginner)

You’ve been dancing Lindy Hop since september 2018.

Moves to be comfortable with : Basic 6 counts and 8 counts, basic moves in 6 counts (like tuck turn…), notions of swing out and circle, basic couple charleston step.

IMPORTANT : This level isn’t for complete beginners, and it is very important that you already know the moves named above.

Level 2 (intermediate)

You started dancing Lindy Hop in september 2017, or during the 2017/2018 season. You are in intermediate level on you weekly classes or/and workshops and you have the opportunity to practice at least once in a week.

You are looking for more vocabulary, and you are confortable with improvisation in your social dance.

You have strong fondations for the swing out, lindy circle, 6 counts, and also basics charleston mooves (kick through, hand to hand, tandem).

Level 3 (inter-advanced)

You are in your 3rd year of regular classes or more ! You are taking classes in “inter-advanced” or “advanced” levels.
You are comfortable with a large vocabulary, to medium to medium-fast tempos, and you are looking to improve your connexion, your rhythm such as dancing on fast musics.

You have the opportunity to dance regulary oustide dance classes (partys, festivals, practice sessions…)

Level 4 (advanced)

You are in your 4th year of regular classes or more and frequently go out dancing.
You are familiar with international workshops, in which you are placed in advanced levels.

Rhytmical switches, complex movements combinations, and dancing on very differents tempos are not issues for you !

Level 5 (advanced +)

You’ve been dancing for over 5 years, you go out dancing in almost every party of your local scene, where you are teaching regulary. You are familiar with international workshops, in which you are placed in the highest levels.

You are looking for a hight level and ready for challenges.


There will be an audition for all levels (except level 1). Please try to register in the appropriate level, fitting these descriptions. There will be interesting material to work with at every level.

If you are too advanced for the level you picked, the teachers will upgrade you, so don’t be afraid of underestimating yourself! 🙂



This year, all classes will take place in the center of Paris !

Easy access by metro, plenty of cafes and restaurants nearby for breaks, touristic spots will be accessible by foot…